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Air France Boeing 777F

When Air France decided to replace some of their Boeing 747 cargo routes with Boeing 777s they knew they would have to retrain their Load Masters and cargo staff on the loading of the exciting new aircraft. The cargo staff have an enormously responsible job when it comes to loading aircraft to make sure it is balanced correctly as any weight imbalance can have catastrophic results. However, security issues out on airport aprons are now such, that any necessary training cannot be carried out on actual aircraft and has to be done in a classroom situation.

With this in mind, Air France approached Leading Models to build a detailed model Boeing 777F that could be used to teach the intricacies of loading the aircraft with all manner of cargo containers in different configurations. 8 weeks from initial quotation, having been supplied by Air France with CAD drawings of the deck and under floor cargo containers, leading Models delivered a 1/36th scale model complete with cargo containers in all shapes & sizes. Air France are delighted with the model and regard it as an invaluable training tool.